30 km/h in the urban area – traffic artery remains a controversial issue

A possible noise barrier in Feldkirchner Straße has been discussed for eight years. The planned noise barrier at the intersection of Grete Bittner Strasse will not be erected for the time being because not all residents are in favor of it.

Neighbors would have to rebuild
City Vice President Alois Dolinar knows this from a critical neighbor: “He has his reasons, he would have to move the house entrance and also otherwise cede an area of the property. In addition, he said that his bedrooms are on the second floor, there the wall does not help so well anyway.”

Feldkirchner Straße is a state road, but the magistrate with FP officer Sandra Wassermann is responsible for the speed ordinance. Some residents want to bring about a reduction to 30 km/h in one area.

Politics against speed limit
TK city leader Christian Scheider is against it, also SP city councilor Franz Petritz is for the 50 km/h. VP club leader Julia Löschnig: “A speed limit would create traffic chaos. Now the traffic load has already shifted from St. Veiter to Feldkirchner Straße anyway. It should stay as it is.”


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