B2L derby in Klagenfurt & Raiders trio as guests in Wiener Stadthalle

In round seven of the B2L season, the previously winless Future Team Steiermark welcomes BBU from Salzburg, who are in second place in the West hope for another victory

An equally big challenge awaits the Basket Flames, as they host the SWARCO Raiders with top scorer Jernej Ledl and last year’s MVP Ziga Habat at Wiener Stadthalle on Saturday. The UDW Alligators want to defeat the promoted team, Vienna United, and challenge them for the third place in the East. In the SPH St. Peter it comes to the Klagenfurt city derby between the Wörthersee Pirates and KOS Celovec on Saturday evening.

For both teams it is not only about the supremacy in Carinthia, but also, about their own positioning in the West. On Sunday, the winless promoted team from Upper Austria, the Upper Austrian Ballers, will meet the unbeaten Blackbirds from Güssing. In addition, the Mattersburg Rocks hope to get back on the winning track with a home win against the Kufstein Towers before it is too late.

Future Team Styria vs. BBU Salzburg
Friday, 25.11.2022, 20.00 – SPH Walfersam, Kapfenberg

Milan Dokmanovic, Player Future Team: “We are playing against a very strong opponent, but we will try to fix our mistakes from last time. If we can give everything together as a team, we will surely deliver a good performance.”

Dimitrios Sarikas, Head Coach Future Team: “BBU is a super team. We are not at this level, so all the more difficult opponent.”

Basket Flames vs. SWARCO Raiders Tirol
Saturday, 26.11.2022, 15.00 – Stadthalle B, Vienna

Ziga Habat, player Raiders: “We play against a very young Viennese team. Even though we are favorites, we can’t underestimate them. They already showed us last year that they can play strong. So we have to play our best performance to be able to bring the victory home.”

Amir Medinov, Head Coach Raiders: “We feel very good at the moment. The trainings are great and the internal atmosphere is top. We don’t want to let anything go against the Flames. If we are concentrated and implement our gameplan, we will get the next points!”

UDW Alligators vs. Vienna United
Saturday, 26.11.2022, 17.30 – BORG Deutsch Wagram

Lukas Hofer, Head Coach UDW: “Even though we couldn’t achieve the desired result in Klagenfurt, we know that we are a different house number in Deutsch-Wagram. With Vienna United a young, hungry team is waiting for us, against whom we will need a compact performance at both ends of the field to win this time.”

Mark Laurencik, Assistant Coach UDW: “With Vienna United an unpleasant team is waiting for us. At the latest after the last two games we know that we have to work harder on ourselves. On Saturday we want to come off the pitch as winners again.”

Wörthersee Pirates vs. KOS Celovec
Saturday, 26.11.2022, 18.00 – SPH St. Peter, Klagenfurt

Andreas Kuttnig, Head Coach Pirates: “As in most derby games in recent years, we expect again a highly intense game, where once again it will depend on how accurately we execute in defense and offense.”

Jan Apschner, Pirates player: “KOS is once again fielding a strong team this year, with the legionnaires in particular standing out. We have to be fully focused defensively and on the rebound, plus concentrated on offense, then we have a chance.”

Andreas Smrtnik, captain KOS: “It is an important game for both sides and we expect a tough fight. To win, we will need a strong team performance.”

Rok Heiligstein, Head Coach KOS: “We have been struggling a lot with injuries lately and had to compensate a lot. Therefore, we lack the joint game practice. However, in a derby this is beside the point. We will give everything to win.”

Personnel: For the Pirates, Alex Pirker is out injured. At KOS, Veljko Dena is inactive due to an injury.

Raiffeisen Dornbirn vs. Mistelbach Mustangs
Postponed to 15.01.23, 16.00 – Messeballsporthalle, Dornbirn

Upper Austrian Ballers vs. Haustechnik Güssing Blackbirds
Sunday, 27.11.2022, 14.30 – Raiffeisen Sportpark Gmunden

Aleksi Koskinen, Head Coach Ballers: “We are playing against a very experienced team that has not lost a game so far and plays very good defense. We want to win as many possessions as possible on both sides for us.”

Simon Hintenaus, player Ballers: “With Güssing we expect an experienced and especially defensively strong team. We want to play physically and improve in defense from the last game.”

Daniel Müllner, Head Coach Blackbirds: “The young Ballers are still without a win, but they play better from game to game and therefore we have to play with high intensity and concentration from the first second.”

Tobias Kopcsandy, Head Coach Rocks: “On Sunday we want to continue the good performance of last week and get our seventh win. We can’t underestimate the opponent and have to be well prepared going into the game against the young team from Upper Austria.”

Raiffeisen Mattersburg Rocks vs. Pirlo Kufstein Towers
Sunday, 27.11.2022, 17.00 – SPH Mattersburg

Corey. Hallett, player and chairman Rocks: “The season has not gone according to plan so far, we have lost many games in the last second. From this we have now drawn the consequences and strengthened again. Paul Radakovics will not be the last newcomer this season. That’s why I’m also optimistic about the game next Sunday.”

James Williams, Head Coach Rocks: “We always lack in the last seconds in the game. We still don’t manage to exude the professionalism that we can bring the game home safely. It should be our goal to keep the opponents at bay and play out a comfortable lead for 40 minutes.”

Personnel: The use of Rocks player Roberts Dembskis is unclear (injury). Paul Radakovics is new to the Mattersburg squad (if eligible to play).



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