Car hits person on A1 near Wals


Crash at construction site causes serious injury

An accident on the Westautobahn early this morning left one person seriously injured. The worker was hit by a car on the roadway.

On the Westautobahn (A1) this morning, a 43-year-old man was hit by a passenger car and seriously injured. According to information from the Red Cross, the crash occurred in the direction of Villach between the exits Flughafen and Wals.

The accident occurred in the construction area of the A1, where a 21-year-old with the car of the construction company overlooked a 43-year-old employee while reversing, reports the police.

Seriously injured in accident on A1

The seriously injured man was taken by ambulance to the Salzburg regional hospital. Two ambulances and the emergency doctor were deployed.


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