Heavy snowfall in Carinthia: power outages and traffic problems

Snowfall Monday morning in Carinthia and Styria provided deep wintry conditions into the valleys. The provincial alarm and warning center recorded numerous operations. 13.000 households were temporarily without power, trains were cancelled.   Klagenfurt – The heavy snowfalls that had been announced for days hit Carinthia and parts of Styria in particular on Monday. In… Continue reading

Eva Pinkelnig: Flying away from all doubts with the double victory

Eva Pinkelnig dominates the “New Year’s Eve Tournament”, after two sovereign victories in Villach the 34-year-old from Vorarlberg takes course towards the overall victory and winning the Golden Owl. “It’s just incredible!” Villach. Whoever jumps far away from his competitors, leads superiorly after two victories in a row at the half-time of an important tournament… Continue reading

Compared to the qualification she improved. Mesikova did not advance to the second round in Villach

In the opening event of the New Year’s Eve tour, she reached 69.5 m. VILLACH. The Slovak national ski jumping team’s Tamara Mesikova did not advance to the 2nd round at the opening event of the New Year’s Eve Tour. She finished 46th on the middle bridge in Villach, Austria, with 76.2 points, having achieved… Continue reading

5:1 away win against Villach: Sharks rewarded for strong performance

In the third duel of the season with Villach, HCI managed the first victory in a convincing 5:1 away win. Once again, the strong Haie power play proved to be the tipping point in the final third on Monday.   Villach – The Innsbruck Sharks’ hopes of taking advantage of Villach goalie Jean-Philippe Lamoureux’s suspension… Continue reading

“Farmer” remains “farmer”: Carinthia withdraws gender guide

The 72-page dictionary had contrasted previously common and “gender-appropriate” terms. A dictionary for gender-equitable language in official use, which should have supplemented the “gender guide”, has caused such displeasure among staff representatives, the Chamber of Agriculture as well as the opposition that it is now being withdrawn. Among other things, the 72-page dictionary proposed replacing… Continue reading

Best transport company in Carinthia and the surrounding area – Transport company from Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is a beautiful city in Austria, and it is home to one of the best transport companies in the region, namely “WenTo GmbH“. The company has been in business for several years and has been providing reliable and efficient transportation services to the residents of Kärnten and the surrounding areas. With a… Continue reading