Detection with DNA test

The DNA of the she-wolf was compared with the samples taken from all the clawed animals, but there was no match. “The killed she-wolf was unknown to us until now,” confirms Roman Kirnbauer, the state’s wolf commissioner. “It could not be detected in any clawed animal. But it can’t be ruled out.”

Had to be scared away in advance already
Nevertheless, the animal was not completely harmless, because it was traveling in a settlement area and even had to be scared away twice. Once with warning shot. Only then the shooting took place.

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Preconditions were given
With this behavior, animals are considered risk wolves and thus also fall under the Carinthian Wolf Ordinance, which speaks of “harmful wolves” and precisely “risk wolves”. The former can be proven to have killed or injured at least 20 farm animals in one month. Risk wolves approach humans and inhabited areas even after being “scared away” and may be shot if the animal reappears in the populated area. These conditions also applied in this case.


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