Federal road closed – frontal crash and subsequent accident: 3 seriously injured

For reasons still unknown, a 27-year-old Villach resident drove his car onto the oncoming lane on the Drautal federal highway in the Mühlboden area and crashed head-on into the car of a 23-year-old. Despite emergency braking, a car following behind was unable to stop and also crashed into the two vehicles involved in the accident.

Large contingent of emergency services
A following vehicle driver immediately informed the emergency services. Until the arrival of the fire department and the Red Cross, the 27-year-old and the 23-year-old were first treated by the police. After the firefighters of the volunteer fire departments Feistritz/Drau, Pobersach and Töplitsch had freed the two men from the accident wreckage by means of heavy equipment, they were stabilized by the rescue service and an emergency doctor and then taken to hospital with serious injuries.

Federal highway closed for hours
Since the road cleaning and the survey of the accident site can only be carried out in daylight, the Drautal federal highway had to be closed on Thursday morning. In the meantime, the closure could be lifted.


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