Klagenfurt – what’s happening this year?

Stadtwerke Klagenfurt AG is not only a stable and reliable energy supplier, but also implements important infrastructure projects in the city. “As mayor and owner representative, I am pleased about the good development of Stadtwerke Klagenfurt. Provided that the official procedures develop positively, construction work on the new indoor swimming pool on Südring can begin this year.

Soon the winning project of the architectural competition will be presented”, says mayor Christian Scheider. Likewise, the preparations of the bathhouse at the lido area are in full swing. “The municipal utilities are building a year-round, unique in Carinthia, wellness temple,” announced Scheider.

Carinthian trade fairs -event center
After the past difficult pandemic years, which the Carinthian trade fairs have fortunately now survived, the reconstruction of the ice rink could be finalized under the new chairman of the supervisory board Harald Kogler. Furthermore, the talks with the co-shareholders of the province of Carinthia and the Carinthian Chamber of Commerce about the long-awaited event center could be concluded very positively.

In addition, the plans for the general renovation of Hall 5 as a modern Congress Center should be completed this year – at the same time as the start of the Koralm Railway, whereby the business location of Klagenfurt in the Alps-Adriatic region will be massively upgraded by the two projects, according to Scheider.

Climate neutrality
Klagenfurt has been selected by the European Commission as one of 112 climate showcase cities. By 2030, the city may now set itself the ambitious goal of achieving climate neutrality. However, this would not only benefit the city of Klagenfurt, but also the state of Carinthia, the economy and science.

Since the budget situation seems to be anything but commendable and there is a lack of own funds for this, the mayor appeals to the state of Carinthia to support the city accordingly and thus also participate financially, otherwise the goal by 2030 would not be tangible. Scheider appealed here to think in the long term, because it is not about us, but about our children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren and we want to offer them a livable city even in 20 years.

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