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“It is the first wolf shoot according to the wolf ordinance in Carinthia. A relief for the population and farmers in the affected area,” said Hunting and Agriculture Officer Martin Gruber. The shooting was reported in accordance with the law within 24 hours to the province of Carinthia and assessed by the wolf commissioner.

“It concerns the shot animal a she-wolf, from which DNA samples were taken. Whether the killed she-wolf is also responsible for the recent incident with about 30 killed sheep on a home pasture in Dellach, is not yet determined,” it says from the office of Provincial Council Gruber. About 400 farm animals had already been torn this year in Carinthia. In addition, there have been about 30 wolf sightings or scares in the settlement area.

“Harmful wolves” and “risk wolves”
The Carinthian Wolf Ordinance was presented earlier this year and deals with so-called “harmful wolves” and “risk wolves”. A harmful wolf is an animal that demonstrably kills or injures 20 farm animals in one month (or 35 in three months) on an alpine pasture. Risk wolves are those that repeatedly venture into settlements. If an attempt is made to scare off such a wolf (for example, with a warning shot) and it nevertheless reappears in the populated area, it may be shot. A radius of ten kilometers around the sighting site applies.

“The Carinthian wolf ordinance is unique in Austria and this first shooting clearly shows that it can protect people and animals from problem wolves. I thank the hunting community for their support in implementing the ordinance and stand protectively in front of anyone who is attacked for it,” Gruber said.

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